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Four Ways to Beautify Your Rental Space

If you're like most people, you may not want to spend tons of money decorating a place you don't own. You can still add some personal style and versatility to your space. Here are four easy tips to beautify your rental home on a budget.

Go Green

This year has been huge for plants—the benefits of having greenery at home (inside and out) are endless. They are known to help with positive mood shifts, stress relievers, productivity, and even creativity.

Let's start outside the home. Do you have any flowerbeds? Add some seasonal flowers for spring and summer. Such as zinnias, pansies, vinca, or petunias. These inexpensive blooms can transform the outside of your home with pops of color and provide welcoming curb appeal. You can stick with one type of flower or combine them for different looks.

Indoor houseplants can also add flair and personality to your place. In addition to their welcoming look, they also help clean indoor air by absorbing toxins. You don't have to have a green thumb or a big bank account to get some pretty easy indoor plants to adopt.

Bamboo bundles are one of my favorites. They are low maintenance and inexpensive. A pile of bamboo can cost a little at $15. Some other low maintenance indoor plants include the braided money trees, air plants, peace lilies, aglaonemas, and succulents.

Dress the walls

There's a myth that walls are off-limits to decorate in a rental. Believe it or not, you have more options than you think. Let's talk about adding color. Some landlords allow painting as long as there is an agreement to restore the walls to its original color before moving out. If this is an option, you can paint an entire room or create an accent wall.

Suppose painting is not an option. What about adding family pictures or art? There are worry-free ways to hang items without damaging the walls with nails and holes. Such as reusable hanging strips.

Do you want more of an impact? Try out some wallpaper products. Many newer wallpaper patterns act as giant stickers that you can hang yourself. Plus, they don't require a lot of prep work. When you move out, they peel off easily and won't damage the walls. Too Easy.

Fun Flooring

Area rugs protect your flooring in high traffic areas and increase safety. They can also brighten a room, change color themes, and tie a room together. Rug colors and textures come in a variety of colors. An area rug may cost you as little as $100, but it will have a considerable impact on your decorative style.

Windows and Accents

Bring your living space together with your windows and accents. Curtains can frame and elongate your windows. Adding height to make your room look bigger. Pull a variety of colors together with throw pillows and blankets. Other elements include candles, centerpieces on tables, sculptures, baskets, and bins.

We hope these budget-friendly tips have given you some inspiration to spruce up your rental. Remember, stay creative to unlock limitless decor options.

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